Tuesday, September 7, 2010

postheadericon Two more cat photos!!

Our second flat-headed cat photo. Frustratingly, the other camera failed to
pick up the cat.

Great news... we’ve got two more wild cat photos from the Kinabatangan!  We’re still busy surveying the forest and cutting trails in the second of our two sub areas, and so we’ve only found the time to check the cameras once so far, but members of our team (volunteers from Cardiff University) checked one of the camera sites yesterday and discovered two more cat photos... a leopard cat and yet another flat-headed cat!
Interestingly, both of the new cat photos were from the very same site that we had previously photo-captured the flat-headed – an area of riverine forest, close to the main river, in one of the of the region’s larger forest fragments: Lot 5.  This bodes well for our planned radio-tracking project (more on this later) as this could well be an excellent site to deploy a live trap. The photo is not ideal, so it is difficult to determine the sex or whether if it is the same individual as the previous photo.  

Alas, no Sunda clouded leopard so far, but as I say we’ve only checked the camera once so far, so fingers crossed.

A leopard cat.  This adaptable species is thought to respond well to habitat disturbance,
 and unlike the other 4 Bornean felids can be found residing in oil palm plantations.
It's a little surprising then, that this is our first photo of this species - but again it is early days. 
The Bornean wild cat Team. Right to left: Andy (tingi) Harrison
(volunteer from Cardiff Univ.), Gilmoore (Gil) Bolongon, Saya (me), and Jasmi (Jasz) Joroh.