Wednesday, December 9, 2009

postheadericon New clouded leopard identified from Tabin!

The latest cloudie to be identified at Tabin - Clouded leopard Male 4. 
Although the photograph is a little blurry it is good  enough to enable
unequivocal identifiaction.

We’re delighted to announce that our hard work at Tabin appears to be paying off, with the exciting discovery of some new clouded leopard photographs. The latest check of cameras has revealed a new, previously unknown, clouded leopard male, and yet more photographs of our far from camera shy Male 3. The new photographs come as somewhat of a relief to our team as not only is it a pleasure to see these spectacular animals but it is also essential to get as many photographs as possible during our survey period in order for us
to do some real conservation science and to generate a robust estimate of the density of these little known cats.

Male 3 posing for the camera.

The new male was photographed along ‘Jalan Raya Bagus’, the old abandoned logging road, which, as mentioned in an earlier post, was one of our most promising camera locations. We now know that at least three different clouded leopard males are using this trail.

We’ve also obtained photographs of Male 3, who is proving to be a bit of a star and has now been photographed at 5 different locations over a range of approximately 25 square kilometres. Male 3 must have been in a particularly curious mood as he decided to hang around the camera station for about two minutes and was snapped a total of eight times