Friday, May 1, 2009

postheadericon Preparations for field course

Preparations are now underway for our 4th “Mammal Field Research Techniques” training course. Aimed at encouraging local conservation biology undergraduates to conduct much-needed mammal field research in Borneo, the course provides grounding in the primary field techniques used to study mammals, such as camera trapping, radiotracking and habitat analysis. The course is conducted in collaboration with Dr Henry Bernard from the Institute for Tropical Biology & Conservation (ITBC) at the local UMS University. Following the end of the current Darwin Initiative programme the training course will be integrated into the ITBC’s Conservation Biology BSc syllabus. This May we will be working alongside ITBC staff and expanding our curriculum to include reptiles and amphibians, in a trial integration of this course and their existing field course programme.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Jo! It's us from ITBC. We had great fun and gained so much from this experience with you guys these past 7 days and we are so glad to have been able to experience radiotracking, camera trapping, the night drives, and also the lectures!!! We learned so much and are eager to learn more!! thanks for this wonderfull experience!!You guys are such a great help to the conservation of the wildlife and there are no words to describe how greatfull we all are for that...Thanks again guys!!!

Anonymous said...

hey Andy,Jo,and Daniel. I was so surprised with your lectures and how you guided us in the field. It was my first experience being exposed to all the techniques used to study the wildlife. It was amazing!you guys are so passionate about what you do. One thing that i won't forget is the night drive when i saw a herd of pigmy elephants. It was really satisfying to see them in the wild. Hohoho... Thanks for everything. It was so great and amazing being with you guys. Nice knowing you all. ;D