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Thursday, March 24, 2016

postheadericon Counting marbles...

Doesn't time fly.. It's been ages since I've updated this blog, but rest assured, in the meantime I have been busy collecting data on the Bornean wild cats in the field and conducting analyses in the office. In my absence this website seems to have fallen to pieces, but I intend to address this pretty soon, most likely with a whole new website.

Regardless, I've got some exciting news to share regarding a project we've been working on for many years - estimating the population density of marbled cats in Sabah. In a new (open access) PlosONE paper, we present the first estimates of marbled cat density from anywhere in their range. We show that marbled cats are found in a range of forest types, including both primary and selectively logged, but tentatively suggest that oil palm plantations may not support this elusive wild cat.


Cloulep44 said...

I stay in Vietnam volunteering for 1 year in a National Park. I am totally interested in clouded leopards and would like to know, whether it would be somehow possible to meet you, support you and get to know a bit more about your program?
I want to work in the field of clouded leopard conservation in the future.
A dream would come true for me, if I could meet/visit you and the clouded leopard program.